adi Smart Metering Services launches


adi Intelligent Buildings launches brand new division adi Smart Metering Services.

With energy costs continuing to rise reducing energy consumption is becoming more and more important to our clients and with the statement that “you can’t manage what you don’t measure” the starting point for any energy management strategy is to install meters (electric, gas, water etc.) and AMR (Automatic Meter Reading) which is a technology automatically collecting consumption, diagnostic, and status data and transferring that data to a central database software for billing, troubleshooting, and analysing.

adi Smart Metering Services will offer a full turnkey smart metering solutions, survey, design, install, commissioning, data management and support for the secondary metering market.

Working for David Barnes, MD of adi Intelligent Buildings are two new Directors; Keith Walsh and Ian Black and joining them is Michelle Lomas, Project Coordinator.

Keith, Ian and Michelle are experts in what is a very specialist area and they have carried out extensive smart metering projects with many large blue chip clients within the UK, Europe and North America.

Services offered by adi Smart Metering Services include:

• Survey

• Design

• Installation

• Data collection, validation and storage

• Delivery of data

• Service and repair

• Consultancy

• Hardware agnostic

adi Smart Metering Services provide a complete smart metering service - design, install delivery of data and support.

For more information/enquiries contact:

Keith Walsh – [email protected]

Ian Black – [email protected]

adi Group 0121 451 2255

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