adi Projects Turns Traditional Project Delivery Model on its Head to Provide Cost, Programme and Quality Certainty

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Turning the germ of a manufacturing project idea into a reality can be a minefield. Typically, you have several suppliers involved at different stages, which can leave you not only hostage to fortune but to miscommunication, to misinterpretations around quality, to loss of project knowledge, to cost overruns and to delays. 

Even before you really push the button on your project, lack of continuity means it’s fraught with the very thing businesses like least. Uncertainty. 

 adi Projects has put an end to all that. Wielding the full spectrum capabilities of its multi-disciplinary parent firm, adi Group in Birmingham, it has the wherewithal to partner you from the pre-feasibility and project definition stages right through to construction, commissioning and final hand-over.

While adi Group can get involved at any stage of your project, more than 30 service specialisms, coordinated by adi Projects, mean they can help you from the outset and you can have confidence in their cost plans. And, as your solitary project partner, their delivery is joined up and there are no breaks as new suppliers come on line. 

 adi are big on relationships. Throughout the process, they seek their clients’ input, ensuring each gateway or control point is navigated in such a way that all stakeholders know what’s being delivered and how it all fits together. Collaborative working of that kind is all about outcomes being the best they can be for the long-term and, ultimately, means the buck stops with adi. 

Ian Hart, adi Projects’ Business Development Director has decades of project set-up experience under his belt. The firm brought him in recently to tap that expertise and to add momentum to an offering already adding value for clients across a range of sectors.

He told us, “We’re really keen to exercise our full skills base to the benefit of our clients. It’s rare to find such a comprehensive level of service, where your engineering service provider can join you at the very beginning of a project and see things through to the end. 

Manufacturers should know that they can come to adi for complete project delivery. If they have a problem, we can solve it and all they need worry about is defining what they want us to do. We take responsibility, we bring continuity and we build relationships for the long run. That means certainty, the thing businesses like most.”

To learn more about adi Projects and how their coordinated delivery can help your company from the conception of a project and throughout its lifecycle, get in touch with Business Development Director, Ian Hart on 0121 451 2255 or email @[email protected]

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