adi Automation Inspires The Next Generation On Programming for Primaries Day

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adi Automation recently supported the national Programming For Primaries Awareness day (in conjunction with British Science Week) by engaging with pupils at Ladywood based Nelson Primary School.

The Programming for Primaries workshop, delivered by members of staff from adi Group’s automation division, encouraged students to build on their abilities and explore something new.

Ian Millington, Managing Director of adi Automation said, “The workshop saw students learn about basic electrical principles whilst having fun building “Wigglebots”.”

“The Wigglebots are ‘robots’ which can create various spiral style drawings. The pupils fully constructed and decorated the Wigglebots themselves -fully testing them by creating some fantastic drawings!”

“Feedback from the faculty at Nelson Primary School has been fantastic and adi Group’s workshop was said to be the best they have ever had! It is still being talked about by the pupils that attended which is fantastic to hear.”

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